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My life is so sucky that MATHS calms me down,

These are dark days people, dark dark days, (literally, the sun is non-existent where I live)

I feel like crying, my throat is absolutely killing me and I’m worried it’s that stupid infection again, meaning no singing for ANOTHER week -_-  There’s this mark on my face that won’t go away!!! (shouldn’t have tried to pop that spot)

I need sleep but every time I try I just can’t, it fucking sucks, like hell, it kills meeeeeeeeeee just like everything else,

not to mention the 5 million MOCK exams to revise for, and the kabillion other things to get done, plus trying to be human, or at least nice, instead of a total bitch,

it’s exhausting!

I know it sounds like I’m just whining, but hey! Give me a break! I’m 16! Leave me alone!!!

argh! I don’t have time to blog, my mind is too tired to think creatively,

so yeah,

Life Hurts.


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