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Lookin’ Sad & Beautiful

My life is SUCH A MESS!!!!

I spent all day yesterday reading, like a dweeb, and then of course the radio show, and doctor who, so I basically wasted day 1 of the 3 day weekend, today hopefully I’ll get some work done, but I’m just so tired,

My body will not co-operate, I think I really need to start exercising, my right leg is freaking out and just sticking, and killing me in the process, damn it hurtsss,

ARGH  I’m not making any sense, then again, when do I?

I need to stop thinking so much, I spent all morning in bed reading again, and before that I almost thought myself to death, I almost cried!

You’re probably wondering what book has got me so engrossed? It’s ‘The Help’ I’m no good with remembering authors names so meh, but you’ve probably heard of it, if not I advise you google it!!!

uhmmm, my Dad seems to be so against me going to a mixed college, buying me a phone, ME HAVING A LIFE,

I mean for Gaga’s sake! I’m 16!!! I can legally get married now if  I wanted!

I feel sorta bad [ohmygawd I do have a heart] for complaining about so many mundane things when there are wars going on, but you know what, I’m working towards stopping them so give me peace! -lol pun-

‘Cause you’re a rich bitch and you’re super bad
With your black lips and your taxi cabs
I’m a quick fix for the shit you lack
Dirty porcelain, sick aristocrat


I feel like collapsing, I’m just so tired, and I think I need about 61932489 more cups of coffee, and I need to make a doctors appointment and I need to blah blah blah,

I don’t even know, I don’t have any motivation for anything anymore, then I hear the news and think ‘if not for me then I should do it for them’

The title for this is a lyric, and I think I look sad and beautiful,(not complimenting myself, I feel beautiful so shutup demons)

You and me are junk and money clips
With trophies on our tongue and pixie sticks
And caviar that thrills the simple kids
The queen who hit and run the Bowery king

People keep complimenting me on my figure, I mean people! STOP PERVING! (Though I kinda like it, hehe, kill the slut within me)

I feel insane! I do! I feel so incredibly bonkers!!!

hmph, I’ve learnt to live without people, whether that’s good or bad, I just don’t know,

I feel like I’m not worthy of God’s help, I mean, I have no heart! I say so much shit, I do so much shit, when will I ever become a good person?

Only The Universe Will See.

Come take my hand, run away
Don’t be afraid, I won’t lose

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