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So I’m Supposed To Be 16?

I mean what does that even mean? 16?

Am I now supposed to give up on my dreams?

Or am I supposed to be the moody moody teen?

16, 16, Hmmm what an age!

But still here I am, trapped in my little thought cage,

I could be driving, getting pregnant, I could get a job!

But no, in this melting ice cream heart of mine, I feel the age of about 5,

Younger than my cute brother and bratty sister, they’re petrifyingly wild,

I do not wish to grow up yet, to think of the bigger picture and leave behind my swing set,

All I want is to sleep, or better still, gaze at the sky and ponder,

Isn’t life a wonder?

In this cold land called England, I live, I love, I laugh, Yet still I yearn for home, the feeling not the place,

I’m supposed to be 16! Meaning what? I ask you, the human race!

I’m terrible at rhyming, but that is how I feel today,

I read a book, an unusal musical book about being gay,

Tomorrow I must sit a horrifying exam,

I think my mum’s cooking lamb,

I crave ben & jerry’s, but it is too cold,

I’m 16, but I don’t want to be old.


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