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Unable To Dance

Waiting for a spring so so far away,

I love and hate winter, this feeling has encaptured me every winter, for the past 2 years, that may not be a long time, but it’s forever to me,

This entire week I’ve felt like SHIT, and it will pass, I know it will, for now I just need love, love and laughter, stuff that seems impossible, but really isn’t.

Right now I want to just get drunk and forget, forget everything,

Start new.

I want to start new. But that seems impossible too.

I want to build my heart of steel and my soul of titanium, but titanium and steel doesn’t sound pretty does it? Not as sweet as ice cream anyway,

But Ice cream melts in winter,

I want to paint all the world, but I have no money for paint.

I want to drive so fast so that I won’t see your face every time I close my eyes anymore,

If you haven’t realised these are metaphors.

These metaphors have been swirling around my foggy brain, it’s like a sheesha palace in my mind, you should meet me there sometime.

Listening to beautiful house music, so I can feel my heart pump my blood, because recently my heart has just been sitting there, restraining me from feeling the beauty of anything,

Your sweet lovin is all I need…


5 thoughts on “Unable To Dance

  1. You CAN start new. And guess what? It’s almost a new year! So why not take a chance to reflect on everything that is making you feel shit, and see what you can do about it!?


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