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The Foretold Shit

I am now awaiting the shit that has been foretold for me,

the shit at mosque, since I haven’t really done any work over the weekend,  all I did was mope about feeling sorry for myself and pretending to be okay,

I cried at school today because of a shitty teacher, remember my form tutor? Yeah that b**ch,

I cried before anyone properly saw me and then braced the rest of the day,


I know it will pass, I know I’ll get over it,

I just want to swear at someone, it goddamn sucks,

I’m binging out and eating whatever comes my way,

Idgaf how much weight I put on anymore, it’s fine, I’ll get rid of it later somehow (what I said last year and still hasn’t happened)

AS FOR MY UGLY AS SHIT FACE, well I don’t really care anymore, no makeup, no need for it, just going natural, natural like a potato.

fuuuuuuuuuuuu*k my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife



5 thoughts on “The Foretold Shit

  1. I know we don’t know eachother and this post was like last week, but still, please take time to care for youself and your feelings. It makes me sad that you feel this way, and I know your not going to just feel great just like that, but have strength and hope because things will get better ❤

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