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I Got This Feeling

it burns me up inside

but I know I have something, some amazing shining bright AWESOME thing ahead of me,

recently all the shit of life has piled itself ontop of me, entirely suffocating my view of the future!




I feel good, I feel determined, even if in reality I feel empty.

I need to stop lying! :O

Anyways, I do feel empty, I do feel determined, and I’m not so sure how those two components go together, but hey ! I am a paradox so shut it logic!

Uhmmm, I have spent an hour editing my CRAP english essay,

I had this ultimatum low today, and I unfairly took all my anger out at my sweet sweet mother, it’s really bad, and the guilt is eating me up, so!

I will write her a letter. Why can’t you apologise in person? You ask,

well here’s the thing. I find it INCREDIBLY  hard to apologise, I know I’m all about being a good person and whatnot, but truthfully, I am shit at apologising, but I try! I write, since I’m somehow good at that…?

I  don’t really know, but soon, I need to explode into a universe and then? Rebuild myself from the scattered remains of stars. Also I must drink tea and dance, but not in that order.

Because at this moment I got this feelin’ that I am entirely going to just go ‘POP’ any second,

I both love it and hate it.

Adios! ❤



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