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Off My Chest

My skin smells like honey and my hair’s still wet from the shower I had more than an hour ago,

See, it’s the little things that make life more bearable, like my dad asking me if I wanted his leftover capuccino XD

Nothing like crap coffee on an empty stomach dad, thanks,

Anyways, I still feel crappy, though on the front I’m laughing it off,

These days I get out of bed by force, I just don’t want to face the thoughts of the day, and that sucks, but hey! I got out of bed, so yay me, *pat on the back* blah blah blah,


It sounds pathetic, truthfully, I think it is pathetic,
I’m 16 years old, what have I got to be so darn sad about huh?! It pisses me off, when I think that about myself,
urgh, sorry to disappoint myself again, sorry for being sorry all the fucking time,

I don’t really know what is actually wrong with me, just please, don’t laugh at me because I’m different,

so what if I like girls as much as  I like boys, so what if I say things because I mean them, so what if I sometimes think God doesn’t exist, so what if I cry over some stranger being nice to me on a rainy day?!

Just be nice, or leave me alone. Okay?


3 thoughts on “Off My Chest

  1. Being different is good, okay? It shows how special you are. I don’t care if you like boys or girls, or if you say the wrong things sometimes or if you act in the wrong way…I THINK YOU’RE BLOODY AWESOME 🙂

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