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Time grabs you by the wrist {A Toast To 2015!}

[I hate to be generic but this post is due]

{A Green day lyric used for the title}

2015 was one heck of a year for me, I have changed overwhelmingly (is that a word?)
This is the year I found another part of who I am, I found out who my real friends are, who I love, who I don’t. This year I found out I don’t need anyone who doesn’t need me. I found out I am actually an okay writer, and that all I have to do is work tremendously hard and believe in myself.

This year I went to Tunisia with my family, London too, but it was abroad that I found out how to be myself with not a care in the world, I learnt how to love myself, even when no one else could, I learnt that it doesn’t matter how many times I break, I will survive.

I figured out that I am actually good at maths! Though I may not be a genius, I’m still good at it, that is when I put the work in. I re-learnt that it’s okay to be different. I learnt how to tolerate bullshit, and when not to tolerate it.

I fixed myself at the beginning of the year, but I broke somewhere in between, but mosaics are beautiful too 🙂

I learnt that my religion does not have to bind me, it is a personal thing, religion, no one can tell me what to believe.

I discovered that I can do whatever the hell I want, that my parents deserve respect, that my friends love me so so much, that I don’t need painkillers, I don’t need coffee to be myself,

I can have fun when least expected,

2015 was an important building block in my life, but it’s not the most important,

I can now listen to crappy music and not feel bad, because I no longer care what people think of me!

Being alone is not the worst thing in the universe because sometimes when you’re surrounded by people you feel the worst,

The sunrise is an amazing spectacle and should not be taken for granted,

Fruit is nature’s gift, eat it, but not the stuff they sell at  school, that’s crap,

Trees listen to you, so be careful what you say,

The sky watches your every move, don’t cuss at it XD it will rain on you when you’re locked outside,

I was fortunate to discover that school is HARD work, and that it won’t get easier but harder in the upcoming years,

I can choose whether I want to go out or not, I don’t have to go to dumb weddings if I don’t want to, all I had to say was that I didn’t want to go, :/

I’ve grown a great deal, physically, mentally, spiritually, whatever, I’ve grown, but I’m still growing,

My sense of style has been refined,

I can have fun without spending money,

2015 was a grand year, but 2016 will be better XD


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