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Smiling But We’re Close To Tears


Breathe, breathe, everything will be okay,

See, I feel like I’ve completely gone insane, I just can’t stop thinking but when I do stop, I can’t breathe,

Like what! Brain! I do not need this right now!  I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW, I HAVE TO BE OKAY, I CANNOT BE LIKE THIS AT SCHOOL!!!

Breathe! Dammit,

I watched The Dark Knight last night, and it made me think so damn much about the biggest mistake I’ve made,

My hands are fucking freezing, is that even normal? I mean, the doctor keeps telling me I’m fine,


I’m listening to the script for God’s sake! That means NOTHING IS OKAY!!! NOTHING!

Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Smiling But We’re Close To Tears

  1. Current brain activity, I feel completely the same, remember you do this everyday and this stage in your life is so insignificant. Just breathe and get through your day. Look after yourself and I always try to write my problems on a piece of paper when I’m stressed. I don’t know if this will help, take care lovely x

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