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Dying To Live

Shouldn’t we be living our life to the max?

Having fun every single day?

What are we doing instead? Crying ourselves to sleep? Doubting our every move? Losing the battle to the demons inside our heads?

I just want to be happy,

is that too much to ask?



6 thoughts on “Dying To Live

  1. I like your stile. And I really thought about all of those questions.This may seem rude but today i posted my first post so if you could maybe check it out that would be great. Whatever you decide, thank you! X


  2. We should. But there isn’t an educational system in the wolrd that allows this, nor a society. It angers me how we can’t fight for it. Because what solution is there? I few all did whatever we wanted the whole world would be in peril. I want to be happy too, so bad but all I have are stories of woe and the messed up thoughts in my head. That’s why we’re both here right? to anonymously rant our problems to the world and watch as no one listens properly. But I hear you. I hear you but I am sorry I can’t help till we find a solution.

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