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The Sadness of Humanity

As much as I hate school, biology and everything else, I find myself watching documentaries about the great barrier reef?

NERD ALERT! Why? You ask. Well because David Attenborough that’s why.

Anyways that’s not the point, the point is, that we are destroying ourselves, our world. We are a self sabotaging race, we will ruin ourselves eventually,

and what do we bother caring about?! KIM KARDASHIAN!?!?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????

It is shameful to even say that people can win £33 million from a frakkin lottery whilst people are dying of hunger in places like Syria!

We throw tons of food away, we waste so much energy,

what happens when our kids, our grandkids suffer from our irresponsibility

I say this whilst being a hypocrite, (walking contradiction speaking) but it is kinda heart breaking to know what our actions will cause and yet we carry on doing them,

it hurts in a way I’m not sure anyone will get, because who am I to say this?!

I know I do these posts every once in a while and the crowd goes wild, but heck I feel like shit and truthfully I’m just distracting myself from my actual heartbreak at this point in time,

lol Imma genius -_-


3 thoughts on “The Sadness of Humanity

  1. You know I literally try to help these people out. But I still feel it isn’t enough! How will I feed the whole world? My mom and I decided that we are going to donate clothes for New Year’s and Christmas! It isn’t much but it gives me a tad bit of satisfaction! AND….you are a genius, everyone is. Great Post!😊👍

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