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My Brother’s Sleeping on The Couch

and I just ate the last date on my plate :/

I don’t intend to hurt you, I intend to open up your eyes,

give you some space, let me stop telling my lies,

I love you, I hate you, I fucking love you!

The sky is not grey, just a really dull blue,

I dance while I study, no that’s not weird,

Don’t laugh at me, some day you’ll turn isane too,
oh dear,

I’m trying to be witty,

failing incredibly,

I have worries, oh so many worries,

but instead I decide to be me, me me me, the wonderful only me,

Maybe I’ve already lost my mind,
maybe you have too,

My heart is an ice palace, try to step on it and you’ll


I dream the dreams of wanderers and still manage to see your misery,

oh please,





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