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The Storm Inside, The Snow Outside.

I’ve been thinking, spending more and more time inside my head,

it’s becoming so much easier to ignore bad thoughts, negativity,

Even though I think I’m getting better  I know I’ll fall again,

All my glued together bits and pieces will shatter again,

I’m just awaiting the storm. (Maybe that’s my fault for using crappy glue and rushing)

Meanwhile, outside the snow falls casually, and I feel like dancing, running, flying away from all this crap.

I’m incredibly tired, I have to keep working this hard, or even harder until june 😥

I’m worried about starting college next year, I’m worried about so much, but all that matters now is remembering how to breathe…


4 thoughts on “The Storm Inside, The Snow Outside.

  1. friendship is irrelevant until you make it important, being weird is irrelevant until you make it important. Try to focus on making yourself fulfilled and happy and all the nice things will come in time. Fly, run and dance away from the crap if you need to and never give up on yourself ❤

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