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Crying Off My Makeup – The Shame of Failure

So! The title! Well let’s start at the beginning,
My day started off pretty good, I was humming happy songs, asking tons of questions in biology, making lame jokes, helping out,

and then came English.

Before I say anything, I want you all to know, I’m not bragging when I say I’m an A grade student, that I’m clever and have never failed anything before,

I also love English, it’s my favourite lesson,

When I found out how bad I had performed on the last controlled assessment, my bad thoughts came crashing in, the main one was ‘Who are you kidding, if you failed this, you’ll never achieve your dreams, why do you keep lying to yourself?’
I tried so hard not to cry, but the tears fell,

I had to leave the classroom because, urgh, crying in front of people is the worst,

Only to realise I didn’t have any tissues -_-

I’m crying over my grade and have that face-palm moment in between :’)

I cried my makeup off, got a snotty, red face, bleghhhh all in public! Imagine!

Sir came outside and basically stated the obvious, that I have to re-sit the assessment, and that I know somewhere deep down I could have tried harder, and that it’s all down to my lack of effort and mindset,


It still hurts, but I’m going to take this in my stride, it’s only one failure, it will not cause a chain reaction, I will not allow it, I am an A grade student! I will achieve my dreams!


The funniest thing is that I swore about a year ago that I’m not the type of person who cries over a grade, pffft,  XD


I AM A ZEBRA, I CAN DO THIS!!! (along with a ton of help though)


One thought on “Crying Off My Makeup – The Shame of Failure

  1. I cried about a shitty maths grade last year and now I’ve just promised myself I’m gonna work harder and get top grades this year, cuz honestly the only reason I didn’t do well is that I was lazy and uninterested! You can do this!! YOU ARE A ZEBRA (idk what that means but ah well hehe)

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