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So Like….

2nd lesson of cycling and still don’t know how to ride a bike ://///

Talk about failing epicly, sheesh!

I feel rushed, but the good kind, like whoooo time’s flying by,

oh mayn, that doesn’t even make sense -_-

Uhm, well, I don’t really know why I’m blogging, why am I writing this post?!

Did you guys realise there’s only a week of january left?!

No lie, I need  a holiday, I need to go shopping!!! I NEED TO HAVE A LIFE AGAIN,

As I said before, I need to be me again 😥

On another note! My friends are drastically drifting away, I know this is an inevitable part of life, but maynnnn why now? WHY?! Since all that’s on my mind is school and mosque and REVISION, I seem to close in on myself, sorry for being a more introverted person, but honestly as a friend, if you don’t tell me your issues/problems, I will not ask,

Does that make me a bad friend? I don’t think so,

My view is if you want me to know something, you should bloody well tell me!

Anywho, I think I should really start my work now so

adios people, enjoy the rest of your weekend ❤



3 thoughts on “So Like….

  1. I only learnt how to cycle a year and a half ago, and looking back at it, learning how to ride a bike was one of the best decisions I ever made


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