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Too Tired For Your Bullshit

(not addressed at anyone, just getting my anger out)

I hate double standards, hypocrites and BULLSHIT

I hate having to put up with it all because I’ve been labelled ‘nice’

NO. No more! Fuck off and let me be myself!

Think I’m a bitch? Fine, but I only treat you that way because you use me, abuse my trust, FUCKING HELL,

Respect is earnt, not given,

But I will be kind. Kinder than most anyway.

No I won’t be mean, just for being mean, I’m only mean when I FEEL mean,

And my apologies are more sincere than your smile so 😛

I will work hard for what I want, I will respect myself more than I respect you low lifes, I will love and be loved, but by those who don’t lie to my face,

I’m too tired for this shit, tired OF this shit, so please,

Shut the fuck up!


One thought on “Too Tired For Your Bullshit

  1. Honestly, sometimes I feel like you’re that dull dark voice in me that defines my inner self.
    Doing with all the swears and rants.
    Lol, I just never record it on by blog. It remains inside myself.

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