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I Got A Lion’s Heart

It is currently before 7am, the sky’s still dark, I’ve had breakfast,


*sigh* I feel tired, I am tired. Sheesh, need to sleep earlier,

I’m planning a shopping trip on Sunday in my head, and I’m wondering how much time I’ll need, the shopping centre I want to go to opens at 11am and closes at 5pm, should I stay the whole day or what?

Let me just get this clear, I haven’t been properly shopping since….. uhm….. I DON’T REMEMBER OHMYGOD

But this is for the realistic fact, that I did not want to waste my parent’s money in all the past sales, xmas, boxing day, new years, blah blah blah,

Knowing myself I would have spent shitloads of money on stuff  I won’t even wear,

See. I is clever ^_^

But I miss shopping, sooooo bad, like,

I NEED new outfits, and seriously my interview is next tuesday, I need to look hot…. I mean smart! And seriously, I need a better mascara,

I’m wanting to go with friends, but apperently not all parents are the same, not all parents give you a fair budget and say ‘spend wisely but have fun’ and dump you in a shopping centre,
some parents are mean, some parents aren’t my parents.

So I will go to school today and ask ze friends I am thinking of and we shall see, otherwise I’ll have  to go with either mes cousins, or my mummy,

But I want to go with friends because makeup shopping with them is just FUN!


Do you guys plan for the weekend so early in the week? Or do you just go with the flow?

Adios peoples,  I must go and spend a ridiculous amount of time getting dressed now,

Have a nice day! ❤




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