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Today has just been crazy,

so has this entire week!

Ermegerd where do I begin?

Well Monday! I had an okay morning, but it got to English and I was just doowwwwn

the whole week just blurred into boredom, I did nothing fun, nothing worth rememberance,

I cried once or twice, due to my weak weak skin, unable to take an insult.

*sigh* The radio show I co-host has now been put onto youtube and I was listening back to it, MY VOICE IS SO HORRIBLE, I HATE IT SO MUCH, I JUST WANT TO STOP TALKING,

I just want to forget about my voice, because it’s annoying me like hell now,

uhm, to be truthful, I’ve not been in the best of moods recently, my mood chart is just up and down and everywhere (note: my mood chart exists in my head)

I feel like screaming my lungs out, I’m just so fed up of everything,

but I have to carry on, I just have to.




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