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You Are Who You Want To Be.

Hey there guys gals peoples!

As you may be able to tell, I’m in a positive mood ^_^

Wanna know why? ‘Course you do!

Well, yesterday I had a packed day, I can now confidently ride a bike! 🙂 But after that I had my radio show to co-host, and it was the first time it was recorded onto youtube, and as soon as I got home I listened to myself over,

firstly, I AM BORING, secondly, MY VOICE IS SO ANNOYING,

After that I managed to put myself in a shite shite mood, but to cheer myself up I watched one of my favourite indian movies, (3 idiots) which made me cry with laughter, it was fun.

I woke up quite early today, and decided today was the day I changed my room,

so all I did was switch around my bed and my desk so they are now on opposite sides of the room, 🙂

It took effort though! to move my bed all on my own,

anywho, my room looks cleaner now and that makes me happy ^_^

I’m slightly worried I might be a tiny bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning, even trivial things, like it bugs me when things are in the wrong order, or when my schedule goes to hell,

no use worrying about shit, so forget that,

It took me 3 hours in total to clean my room, I was dancing around and having fun, occasionally sitting to read another chapter of We Were Liars, because I found my kindle,

This made me realise, I really enjoy my own comapny, I like being alone. According to that personality thingy I did way back, I am more introverted, and I’m finding that to be true.

Like I can shop alone, watch movies alone, I like it a lot. When you learn new things about yourself it’s fascinating *____*


oh! I’m writing poetry again, and you know what? it’s not that bad 🙂

The way I’ve put my bed now, the sun streams in directly on to my face at the right time,


I still have a ton of homework to do and I’m getting quite hungry so I’d better go

Adios! Let’s hope the mood lasts 🙂 Hope you all have a good day too!





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