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Just Because.

Just because I’m nice to you, doesn’t mean I like you.
Just because I believe something, doesn’t mean I will practise it.
Just because I open up to you, doesn’t mean I trust you.
Just because I said I loved you, doesn’t mean I still have feelings for you.
Just because I have a smile on my face, doesn’t mean I’m happy.
Just because I cried that time, doesn’t mean I’m sad.
Just because I have breakdowns, doesn’t mean I’m depressed.
Just because I’ve been hurt so much, doesn’t mean I’m always hurting.
Just because I’m Muslim, doesn’t mean I hate all Jews.
Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I’ll marry a boy.
Just because I still like cartoons, doesn’t mean I’m immature.
Just because I enjoy being alone, doesn’t mean I’m anti-social.
Just because you said I look weird, doesn’t mean I’ll hate myself.
Just because you called me fat, doesn’t mean I’ll become anorexic.
Just because you never came back for me, doesn’t mean I haven’t forgiven you.
Just because you don’t like me, doesn’t mean I’ll cry.
Just because you’re homophobic, doesn’t mean I’ll ‘snap out of it’.
Just because you said you loved me, doesn’t mean I’ll hang on.
Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.
Just because you said it wasn’t enough, doesn’t mean I’ll give up.
Just because you are vegetarian, doesn’t mean I’m a monster.
Just because you don’t like the real me, doesn’t mean I’ll pretend.
Just because you said sorry, doesn’t mean I’ll accept your apology.
Just because you said I was better dead, doesn’t mean I’ll kill myself.
Just because I’m strong I will survive.
Just because I endure I will achieve everything I have set out to do.
I wrote this
Just because.

9 thoughts on “Just Because.

  1. I love alone time, and so many people misinterpret that and think that I’m an antisocial introvert, and sometimes people even say I’m rude because I like working by myself

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      1. Completely agree πŸ™‚ I’ve never been told that I’m a buzzkill, but people ask me why I choose to sit by myself when they had a free seat at their table. And I don’t like doing “group” work in large groups, because I always end up doing at least half of the work 😦 but at least that means that people think I’m clever πŸ™‚

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