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How Does This Guy Come Up With Such Good Lyrics?


I like how the lyrics mean something, but you can also dance to their music,

I feel really meaning-less right now, I should go do something productive to beat this feeling,


I like piano music, I really want to learn how to play, maybe sometime in the future,

it seems HARD, and looks like it needs a lot of concentration, which is what I lack in most things XD sorrynotsorry

It’s scary how time is going SO fast, it’s scary how in 7 months I’ll be 17 and going to college O_O like woah, where did all the good go?

I’m looking forward to summer ^_^ it seems so far away though,

I only just remembered to watch the superbowl performance XD I’m such a dweeb

Just rambling now, my mind is empty…. :/



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