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Consulting Education.

When you think properly, education is mostly controlled by the government,

I know I’m only young, I can barely understand how all this crap works, but in my mind, the better the government, the better the education. Right?

But! That is not what this post is about.

When I started my GCSE’s, (2 years ago) I had this vision, me going to Cambridge University, why not Oxford? Because I liked the way Cambridge felt on my tongue XD

I was a naive person, I am still partially naive, but when I got myself back to Earth I understood just how hard I’d have had to work to get into Cambridge, even just to apply!

And that idea poofed away, just evaporated, because I know I’m bright and clever and yada yada, but I am one LAZY shite, I know I have to work, but I need A LOT of motivation, mostly from other people, I rarely motivate myself to do work, and when I do I get distracted so so easily.

I used to beat myself up about my grades, always telling myself I wasn’t good enough, until I talked to my used-to-be best friend, who told me I was fine becing myself and that grades don’t mean everything in the real world.

It just makes me sad, kinda sad not so sad, that I won’t be going to Cambridge anymore…..

but you have to let things go right? When one door closes another will open,  that is how life works ^_^

Since I was able to read, I’ve loved learning, I have this burning curiosity inside me, to find out as much as possible, this kinda spurs on my want to write and my want to be a journalist,

I love learning, but I don’t really like institutionalised education, saying that however, I do like school! I like the idea of me graduating from a prestigious university somewhere, with my BA hons in Literature, or anything awesome like that,

I like the idea of university! The young life, the libraries and endless opportunities,
But I do know the best knowledge is learnt from experience, the shit life throws at you and how you handle it.

hmmmm, I’m thinking too much, I’m 16. I should focus on the now and get my grades otherwise all this dreaming will be just that, dreams not reality.

But education will always be a good thing, no matter how we achive knowledge be it at the best school in the world, or from a mobile library that comes to town once a month,

Knowledge is power, books are the best weapon. KEEP LEARNING!



3 thoughts on “Consulting Education.

  1. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with my life, even though I’ve spend hours thinking about it. I think I want to do something at Cambridge, but I don’t know what

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