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How To Apologise Like A Queen


I made pancakes because whynot, also as a sort of apology to my dad for flipping at him yesterday (pun not intended) :/

well I know how to apologise with style! XD

They are super easy to make and I thought I’d share the recipe with y’all beautiful people,

All you need is:
(hold on, I tripled the recipe because these pancakes are suppsoed to be mini pancakes but I decided to make big ones, I ended up with 8 altogether, but it depends on your pan size really)

125g of self raising flour,
50g of caster sugar (I used normal sugar because I’m a dweeb)75ml of milk
An egg
A pinch of salt
Oil/butter to grease the pan,

What To Do:

  1. Mix flour, sugar and salt in bowl, add beaten egg,
  2. Add milk gradually
  3. Grease pan, make sure it is HOT
  4. Pour batter onto pan, flip when golden,

Bam! Done šŸ™‚

I know this is very not professional, but hell, gimme a break I never do food posts XD

And they taste gooood!!! (With chocolate sauce/maple syrup)

Add random berries if you want, you know rasberries blueberries whatever, for all you fruit lovers, honey’s good too.

šŸ™‚ Enjoy!


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