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It Hurts Me On The Inside

The way you act like it was nothing,

You used to tell me you’d catch all the stars in the galaxy,

I know your mind, I know your heart, and yet now

You act like it was thin air, smoke,

I act like I’m over it, I act like I don’t care,

But if you turned up on my doorstep I’d probably melt.

There and then, we used to be so close,

Yet now you struggle to remember my face,

I’m proud of you, I always was,

But you let me go, so who’s fault was that?

It might be sorta selfish, I might be self-obsessed,

How can it be when I ripped my heart to shreds,

Just for you,

Whatever happened to seizing the moment?

Whatever happened to Cornwall and Iceland?

Whatever happened to Pluto, the planet that truly was

A Star.



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