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It Was A Bad Day

Recently I’ve taken a new approach to that thing we call life,

I am now trying to take things lightly, trying to be positive about everything, look for the spark in the fire, and be myself at all times, say what I feel, regardless, and not care what other people think of me,

All sounds good in theory right?

I did think of my ‘bad days’ you know, my breakdowns, my moodswings,

I did take all the into account,

and I just thought, well we all have bad days, I just gotta carry on being cool and positive,

there’s no point holding on to bad energy, you attract the energy you give off,

so POSITIVE VIBES, always πŸ™‚ (almost always anyway)

yesterday was a bad day, today is not,

so I can’t give up, I have to keep going, right? ^_^

Adios ❀

Hope you all have a good day too!



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