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On Days Like This

When the sun is screaming so bright and loud you can barely look outside without bliding yourself, but there’s still a chilly breeze from yesterday,

I remember all the good times,

The time I was 12 and we had a yellow yellow day, when me and my cousin/sister watched dumb indian movies with good songs in them and decided to walk around the neighbourhood with no destination but fun in mind,

The time I was 14 and me and my brother ventured to the top of a cliff, dangerous you’re thinking, for someone with my thoughts? But at the time I felt invincible, truly human,

The time I didn’t sleep because I was too busy staring at the moon and thinking of you, and I sang and sang and sang, beautiful songs I’ve now forgotten,

The time I danced in the snow with my life long friend, for no apparent reason, just to feel free and make our parents wonder why we were late home from school,

The time we went to the park and acted like 3 year olds chasing ducks, even though we aren’t close friends, we made memories,

The time I walked into the lake with all my clothes on because I just didn’t care,

The time I sat on the sand mountain next to our rented beach house and read for hours staring at the islands in the horizon, watching the chef go out and catch fish for lunch,

The everlasting coach trip in Morrocco where I saw the reddest most real sunrise in my whole life,

The time there was a power outage and all us kids played hide and seek outside with the torches the adults needed and no witnesses but the stars smiling down on us, and the porch swing sighing,

The time I got a smile from a market vendor in Tunisia for cursing in arabic,

The times I have stored in my head, the good times….




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