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I Want To Sing A Ballad

Not really, I just feel super sad and nostalgic and blagh, wait ballads are the sad ones right? XD

I went shopping today with my mother, I say shopping, but we only went to one shop to buy some Indian clothes, when I say clothes I mean dresses, when I say dresses I mean frikkin princess/fairy dresses that make you feel pretty as hell,

so yeah, I bought 4 of those, 2 black, 1 navy and 1 peach πŸ™‚

That makes me sorta happy because duh, I love feeling like a fairy,

I feel sad because I feel alone,

I feel alone because I feel like I have no bestfriends anymore, you know? People who you talk to all the time, or rarely, but when you do, you tell them anything and everything??

Notice I say alone, not lonely.

I feel like singing a ballad because my dad is so old and yet he acts so young,

his soul is young, you know? I feel like my soul is ancient.

Like he has all these dreams and plans in his head, he is 41 and he still thinks like that,

I know sometimes I really hate my dad, but I really love him too because he’s a dreamer, and he taught me how to love life, subconciously even,


I feel like giving up so bad right now, so so so bad,

I miss being me.



3 thoughts on “I Want To Sing A Ballad

  1. Ahhh! I hate Indian dresses but that will be because I live in India or something! I know I am way younger than you but I still feel like you do sometimes , why don’t I just admit it, always! But yes maybe you shouldn’t stay alone, actually you aren’t alone! you’re mind’s with you! You can never be alone! I am not saying that a lonely feeling is not right or something but you should live with it! Believe me but people will come to you! People are going to know who you truly are and then you will find yourself too! Keep calm, everything will be fine! I am here and you already have my email!

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  2. I love – “I love feeling like a fairy.” and how your dad’s a dreamer and loves life…I’m like that too. I hope you find some new besties soon. I think you would be a great friend. πŸ™‚

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