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Confessions of The Voices Inside My Head.

SHIT SUCH A GOOD TITLE, don’t expect a good post XD

The only reason I referee’d about 4 games today was to be a total bitch to everyone I dislike and get away with it XD However, I got kicked, I got a ball thrown in my face and I got a massive thwack! on my thigh, (another reason was to get into the teacher’s good books)

Karma officially exists.

My moods changed wayyyy too dramatically today, from frikkin suicidal to high, within like an hour. I was like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME. But I’m good now.

I think I might actually be insane, I hear voices arguing inside my head….

I miss having someone to love, so hit me up if you want some free love XD

Uhmmmm, I miss wearing sexy ass shit to school :/ truth is, that doesn’t make me a slut, that makes me HOT, because I know I am. 😉
Y’all be thinking that too. (Even though none of you have seen me :’) )

I would really like a girlfriend, just to see how it is on the other side of a relationship,

Absolutley adoring the weather these days, oh shit, hope I haven’t jinxed it now,

I spent around half an hour counting syllables for a haiku about my mind today >.< time well spent methinks,

I must sleep now my children, otherwise I’ll be a zombie so byeeeeeeeeeeeee



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