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Where Do You Run?

This song is just beautiful,

Hey guys, sorry for my little disappearing act, did anyone even notice?

For quite a while I have now felt so incredibly alone,

And you know what? I think I’m coming to terms with that,

Because regardless of who is with me, I will achieve my dreams, I will.

I know that sounds incredibly selfish, but hell, in life you have to be selfish sometimes,

Otherwise they all trample over you.

Where do I run? I run home, inside my head, my heart, my soul, where the poetry resides.

*Sigh* almost time to go and do some sit ups, OHMYGAWD GUYS,  I was checking myself out the other day, as you do, and I ALMOST HAVE ABS, LIKE OHMYGAWD THIS IS ACTUALLY WORKING!!!!

I’m trying to eat healthier, but that’s kinda hard when cake’s involved XD

Mayn, I feel so calm, but like my inside are about to go BOOM in a magical way, like with glitter and sparkles obviously, hmmm, I need a word for that, calmly fantabulous?

Oh! It’s so adorable when people tell me who to be, I mean, EXCUSE YOU, Who do you think you are? I will be myself!!!

Okay, my brain’s screaming at me to go and do sit ups now so,

Bon Nuit everyone! ❤




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