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So Like, I Am Cleopatra, Face It I Am Your Queen.

Bow down!!!!

Lol na, tomorrow is the wonderful bookday! An entire day to celebrate beautiful awesome books! And ya know what? Imma be Cleopatra! You know why?

Because I feel like the ultimatum Queen of my universe,
basically, because every single year I have gone as either an animal or a male character,
there was Fantastic Mr.Fox, The Cat in The Hat, The Madhatter,

well NO MORE!

This year, being my last, will be my debut! As the hottie of all hotties and the bitch of all bitches,
CLEOPATRAAAAAAAAA!!!! XD  (ermegerd that would be a fabulous intro)

Okay I may be getting too excited but hell, my contouring is going to be AMAYZING!!!
As well as like, my entire outfit and face and YEAH FOR ONCE I WON’T LOOK LIKE SHIT AT SCHOOL!!!


okay bedtime now, I have to get up early to make sure I am ON POINT tomorrow XD

Bon Nuit! ❤ xxx



3 thoughts on “So Like, I Am Cleopatra, Face It I Am Your Queen.

  1. Bonne nuit* I’m sorry haha, I’m one of those people who doesn’t like seeing mistakes, You’re costumes Ideas are great! 😀 Hope that you got all the people to stare at you on how amazing you looked 😉


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