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What A Weekend,

I had fun! I’m more surprised than you are, the track was beautifullll and the ride was an awesome break from sitting around reading from textbooks,

Come to think of it, this whole weekend I’ve had fun, I’ve stayed busy and positive ^_^ correlation? Perhaps,

But, what about the piles of homework that lay gathering dust at the foot of my bed?

They can gather dust for another night :’) I’ve learnt sleep is wayyyy more important than school, or mosque work,

Way way way more important, because who gives a shit if my work’s a day late? It matters more that I’m actually awake during my lessons,


I miss writing poetry, I thought with spring the inspiration would come, guess not :/

It sucks, because I’m tapping our articles like every other week, and not poetry 😦


Imma go to bed now so

adios ❤


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