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La Vie Est Bon ~ Fuck, My French Is Badddd :/

I stopped whining and complaining about my tiresome life once a good friend of mine told me to stop sharing my sadness and start sharing my happiness,
by doing so you actually look for the good, something I’d almost forgotten how to do,

It’s a great life tip, and the prose is now flowing in my mind, I’m happy to say ^_^

My poetry has taken a sarcastic touch, maybe that’s my work in the process of evolution?

I’m not sure why I sound so grown up today :/ Hmmmm,

Today I realised in french that I am different. Well that’s a little obvious no? But do you know when you realise a realisation more than once? That happened, I likes it XD

I also realised that friends will drift, they will not always be life-long, that keeps hitting me in the gut, but I have to get over it, because new friends will be made, right?

New old new old new old, it’s like a cycle.

Hmph, I just got an email from my history teacher telling us she’s proud of us, wow O_O that rarely happens, but yayyyyy, one less subject to worry about 🙂

I’ve been sleeping earlier and waking up earlier, it’s really working, I sleep around 9 and wake up at like 5/6 depending on the day, I get my work done in the morning and get a good night’s sleep. AWESOME LOGIC ON MY PART!

Talking of logic, we started calculus today in Maths, and I got this buzzzzzz inside my stomach, you know? The excited buzzzzzz

*____*  MATHS  *____*  CALCULUS *_____*

anyways I must go and do the life thing now so





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