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All That’s In My Head

is U2.

Not joking, that song ‘it’s a beautiful day’ is stuck in my head,
because it is,
but really? Is it?

No. Because I have a test today, which I am not prepared for,

I am done with mosque. Just done. Too much hypocrisy, infused with stupidity, and it just makes me really really angry as well as stressed.

If you don’t want something in your life, delete it. So I will do just that, as soon as I’ve finished/failed this year. I still love my religion (islam) just not the way I’m taught it,

I mean how is memorising hundreds of quotes etc going to enhance me spritually if I don’t input a single one into my life?



I mean of course I’m not the perfect example of a Muslim, and I doubt I ever will be,

The reason I go to mosque is to better myself, and if I’m not doing that then what’s the point?

It’s not a final decision, but meh, it’s what’s in my head right now.

:/ *sigh* time to go.



5 thoughts on “All That’s In My Head

  1. Take you time to do what you need to do, my dear. You will reconnect to whatever you may have disconnected from later on – if you feel it is right to do so. Concentrate on your exams. Try not to overload yourself with anything which can perhaps wait for a little while, until you are able to work things out in your mind.
    Best of luck. xo

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