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I Write Poetry In My Head When Ill

I have been stabbed a million times with a million little pins, made from fire,
Yes, I have a fever.

I have been drifting in and out of sleep for around 4 hours, I got fed up and thirsty so I dragged my ass down here to write this,

I seriously got fed up of dozing and wasting hours, though I really am ill, no one in my house seems to believe me.

How nice -_-

The perks of being ill? I get drunk poetry in my mind, everything tastes sweet as f, and I have a legitimate excuse for not doing work ^_^

ahhh the first day of spring entirely wasted,

the not so good thing is I can barely eat without wanting to puke,

I woke up with a migraine and ignored it, so intelligent of me :’)

I hope I’m better by tomorrow, I have shit to do

Lord, I know a fever is supposed to burn all my sins away like a furnace, but why is it so painful?!!?!?

-_- man

God is totally mocking me.




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