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My Sister The Thief

My sister (7 year old brat) is currently in the bathroom. She has locked herself in there because she has been caught stealing my paints. My NEW watercolour paints, which I have not used, which WERE sealed, she has also stolen my NEW foundation brush, she has used my eyeshadow brush to paint, paint what. I don’t know -_- This is not the first time she has stolen something of mine. Normally she steals makeup, mostly NEW makeup, and lord knows how anger-invoking that can be, I’m used to her stealing now.

I was mad, really mad, screaming in a fit of rage mad, banging on the bathroom door mad, but now I’m just laughing at her, teasing her, etc,

She can’t possible stay in their all day, I really need a shower, and she isn’t understanding that I NEED A SHOWER, really bad, I stink!

Have you ever watched Lilo & Stich the movie? She’s having a Lilo-style tantrum.

I do hope she comes out soon, because I have shit to do! Any suggestions on what to do to get her out?

(ukh I just caught a whiff of my own sweat HELP)


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