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Those No-Bra Days Where Your Brain Is Shouting At You To Think!

Ahhhh livin’ that life! :’)

I don’t really know what’s up with me still, I feel like a class A blob. Queen of Blobs globally.

I really don’t want to do anything, I might paint later on, I might just bum around drinking too much coffee, reading, lord knows, writing? I hope so.

Dance. Dance is something that confuses a lot of people about me, when I say I love dancing, but when people have seen me dance (wretched PE lessons) I’m not very good,

I know I’m not good at dance at all, but I love it anyway, it makes you feel freeeeee,

*sigh* So I ended up spending all of yesterday cleaning my room, I really don’t see the point because it still looks like a shit hole :’)

You know what’s taken me so long to understand? That Islam is not a set of rules set down by a bunch of respectable men with beards, Islam is a way of life, it is an ideology to live by, it is not ‘you cannot do this or that because it is WRONG because Allah said so’, it is just peace. Simple as the name, peace is what Islam is.

I’m writing this over hours, that’s why it’s so jumpy, :’) I’m in between prepping for my feminism//islam debate and 10000 other things.

I’ll post properly later 😉 bye guys!




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