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Watching Movies All Day Like

I am a blob. I think y’all know that very well, I AM AΒ  BLOB MUHAHAHAHAHA,

I feel kinda bad though because I haven’t done anything productive all day, ahk someone shoot my brain to stop it bullying me,

I’m not compulsive, am I? I just like things a certain way, and they have to be that specific way, okay maybe I am compulsive :/

I’m not bipolar, my moods just go up and down and left and right without my command, or any reason at all,

I don’t have a tumour or cancer, I just get too many headaches for my age,

I doubt I need a psychiatrist though, I think I’m just afraid of the outcome, the diagnosis of my insanity, and what comes after that.

Right now I just want to lie around, but I also want to paint all over the sky, but I also want to dance in the rivers of the world,

Oh god, I really am going mad. Or maybe I just watched too many movies in one day.

Help? I want hugs 😦 Pathetic as that is.


12 thoughts on “Watching Movies All Day Like

  1. Hahaha…oh gosh I’m laughing out loud cuz the last description seems like how I feel almost all the time!!! XD
    Lots of hugs for u hun πŸ™‚

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  2. Awe, you’re in a funk, it sounds like. Sending a warm embrace and lots of love to you Mayam.
    Now get up and paint the sky and dance those rivers! It is almost sure to pull you out of your lethargic funk. Does for me for. When I move my body, create, or spend time with friends, those happy hormones kick in. When I isolate myself, of lay around I get depressed.
    Best wishes. Your not crazy btw, your in the depths of adolescence…..can make you feel crazy for sure! Happy vibes your way. πŸ™‚

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  3. Remember… Sugar makes all things worse…even if temporarily you feel better…it’s a drug. Dr Suzanne prescribes lots of water and a diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, little to no bread and pasta.
    Dairy can also be troublesome for some people.
    More unsolicited advice. Haha! Hope you feel better. πŸ™‚

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    1. hahaha! I live and breathe sugar, I am an adolescent! Thanks for your advice as is usual, I will try drinking more water (stopped doing that) and I have to be alone sadly because it is the holiday and I have no friends nearby 😦 but I will continously create! I did some drawing this morning πŸ™‚ Also how can I live without bread? That is a challenge indeed O_O

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