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Some Things I Forgot To Be Happy About

I need to wash my hair, bleghhh blob life consumes me,
I woke up with awesome doodles on my left hand, I remember doing them whilst supposedly doing my history work, hmmmm,

One thing that really bugs me is when you use soap, how does the soap not become dirty? Like a bar of soap right, if you wash mud off your hand with it, won’t there be tiny particles of the mud left on the soap?

Am I the only one who thinks that? O_O

Hmph, oh yeah, a few things I have to be happy about but forgot,


2-I got a philosophy book!!! So I can have real knowledge on knowing nothing at all 😉

3-I have read 2/5 books from the library in one day, okay that’s not that happy because WHAT IF I READ THEM ALL TOO QUICK, but it is happy because I’m reading again 🙂

4-I got new sketching pencils!!! Though I dunno how to use them :’)

Uhm, I spent last night drawing and reading and god knows what else, I need to start sleeping earlier, my body’s not liking this wrecklessness :’)

All of yesterday I didn’t drink a sip of coffee, I DIDN’T EVEN SMELL IT, and I spent the whole day being weirdly okay-but-not-okay, you know? Like I felt really sad but then not sad because I cheered myself up, then sad again because the endorphines ran away, so basically the result of that is I cannot survive on fairy tea, I need coffee to be me. Ha that rhymes XD

I sound like a mad person, lord do not read that out loud,

Also my brother’s eyebrows need shaping, he is 8, and yes, he is adorable, but hell those eyebrows belong on a wolf or something,

Hmph, I really really really need a shower but I can’t because kids to look after, WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS?! OH WAIT, I DIDN’T! Sibling struggles.

I want cereal, I really want cereal, Imma go get some cereal later.

Okay now enough rambling, get back to reading respectable posts people, what are you doing on my crazy train? GO!




3 thoughts on “Some Things I Forgot To Be Happy About

  1. Congratulations on the 300 followers! You deserve them 🙂 Good for u that u are reading now. I dont even have time! I doodle on my hands too O-O

    Liked by 1 person

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