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The Cold Crappy Coast

We ended up not going to wales, instead we went to the Great English seaside!

By that I mean the crappy cold coast of Filey and Scarborough,

I woke up in a shit mood, and was sorta ill, but was forced to get up, get dressed and go,
yah, I was not the best person to sit next to this morning,

As the day went on I warmed up, stopped shivering, we went to the dam and took some funny photos, we went to the seaside, and by that I mean my siblings went to the seaside and I sat on a rock reading, not wanting to touch the water because it would ruin my shoes,


I need to invest on some wellies :/

I was so cold by the time we decided to walk along Scarborough’s pier that I ended up wearing my brother’s coat, I looked like shit but who cares, I was dying! (Actually his coat is quite cool but not my style.)

We had lunch at Harry’s fish & chips, it was okay, but a little expensive for those portions!

My cousins and I then decided to walk to a distant lighthouse, we had fun chatting and walking and when we finally go to the lighthouse the sun came out! But it was still cold :’) I’m still not used to the British sun,

We sat there for what seemed like a year until my dad found us and we decided to go home,
all in all it was a good distraction from me feeling SHIT, the drive home was chill, me alone with my thoughts staring at the neighbouring sunset, (so tumblr I know),

Just ate pizza now, so tired I could fall asleep in the clothes I’m wearing,

Did you guys do anything fun this holiday?

Bonne Nuit ❤

{ I may or may not update this post with photos later XD  }


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