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Irresponsible = Understatement

I am in my last year of high school
I am going to college next year
I am 16 years old

I should be stressed about my exams, I literally have a month till exam season starts,
but no, what do I stress about? My makeup being on point. :’)

I don’t stress about all the revision I still have not done, I stress about my room being clean (it is not),

I stress about eating fruit, I stress about drinking enough water, I stress about my lack of a social life, but I do not stress about the exams that start in May.

I don’t sit and revise every morning for 2 hours, no, I sit and read, or I lie in bed thinking or daydreaming, do I do my homework on time? Mostly, but not always.

Am I a bad example of a student? No. I am a good example of a blob.

Do I think I should change? No.

Should I change my habits, well most teachers (and normal people) would say YES, but I say no.

I am zen. I am a blob. I will be fine. Hopefully, fingers crossed, pray to all the Gods that have ever existed,

I will be fine. JUST FINE.


10 thoughts on “Irresponsible = Understatement

  1. Don’t try to stress about exams. But try not to stress about other things either. The best thing to do is force yourself to study. As I am the Empress Of Procrastination, I’m a little experience here. Just remind yourself that there is no tomorrow to do this if you keep procrastinating.

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  2. Daaaw!! Blob deary there’s more of you out there. I promise. To begin with there’s every one of us in this comment stream ^_^ and those who know are blobs but are too shy to come out and let us know caz mostly they are busy worrying about which book to read next. Dont worry, that panic mode will hit eventually and you will study and be done with exams in no time 🙂

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