Money money money

Can ye all just ignore the bad spelling and grammar, because this guy knows what he’s talking about!

A Labyrinth on the Lower East Side

Ever wondered how severely our life is affected by this concept?
I go out of the house wearing clothes which probably cost a lot, carrying my 11000 rupee mobile(rupee is the currency in India), not to mention my 1200 skull candy spoke. Also my 1800 puma bag and in it r books and pens and wrappers all paid for but its still doubtful whether they’ve been used. My hairstyle cost me 300 My wristband cost me 50 coz it’s neon. Oh and last but not the least I still have a wallet with more money in it coz my traveling costs me, my cigs cost me, hanging out with friends costs me and also not passing out on the street (eating ) costs me. Evn after spending all this u might say I’m a cheap person coz I went fr android and not Apple, ate at Mac D and not…

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