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So Let’s Set The World On Fire

We can burn brighter than the suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun,


I is still feeling good, this is just awesome now, 3 whole days, 🙂

Okay so I need to get this thought out of my head, look, people say to me if I don’t pray, I won’t be happy, as a Muslim it’s supposed to be obligatory for me to pray 5 times a day, but I don’t because I don’t know, I just don’t,

I should. I know I should, but the weird thing is, for so long now, I haven’t been praying, and I feel amazing,

so the theory has been disproved right? I don’t have to pray to be happy.

I feel confused quite often, about religion, really confused, I normally just ignore it because I don’t need to solve that problem right now, there’s more important stuff to worry about (having fun and exams) so :/

I know as a teenager I’m supposed to be confused, and I’m supposed to come to my own conclusion on religion, but I’m scared, if there is no God, then what is there? Right? I mean if I become atheist all of a sudden, that opens up so many other questions,

and I just don’t want to deal with all that right now, I’ll deal with it later.

So! My genius brain is rejuvenating, how? By playing Professor Layton! XD I missed out on that in my childhood because I found it too hard, but now I love the puzzles! I have changed so much O_O

*sigh* I decided to be all bright today by wearing a yellow scarf, 🙂 it’s sorta working, I don’t want this mood to end yet ;__;

I made one hell of a breakfast to kickstart the day, 😛 all I could think was all the people who’ve dumped me over the years are missing out, and my future husband/wife is going to be SO lucky,

I can cook a killer breakfast but not lunch or dinner, Idk how that works XD

Hmph. I have a ton of work waiting for me,

I don’t wanna do it 😥 If I don’t I’ll regret it for years to come so I might as well get it over with. So sad. I can’t go anywhere before I’ve done it.

Which reminds me! I have my debate today! HOLY SHIT, AM I REALLY PREPARED? AM I?!!?!?

Imma just wing it, it’s not like it matters….. :’) Just like I wing everything else, it will turn out fine right?

Imma get off my butt now.

❤ Enjoy yout weekend everyone!! SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! ❤






7 thoughts on “So Let’s Set The World On Fire

  1. Ha-ha I’m confused about religion too! I usually just be with my family to pray,but I don’t really believe it, you know? I really wanna be an atheist, I think I am one already! I’m always doing things at the last minute too! Hehe =D

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  2. Religion is super confusing, and I think that it really has to be your own choice when you come to it. PS. Winging it often leads to an unexpected insight for me. I hope it does for you to, and have a lovely lovely weekend. x

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