Can ye just get my vibe, because he just read my mind.

A Labyrinth on the Lower East Side

This is a controversial article. If you’re gonna get offended by my views on our creator, i would suggest you to not read it. God:-I really hope he doesn’t have a color. White would be too racist. Black would be a bit too cliché. I don’t know whether I’ll ever meet him or not or whether he even exists for that matter but of all the beings I can, he is the one I’m definitely gonna judge. But judging him on the ways defined by humans may be too predictable. I don’t see how that’s wrong though.The so called god who claim’s to gace have created me and many more better be a benchmark for the kind of person u can only hope to be coz I’m settling for nothing less. He better not speak to me in English coz then he’ll be partial but any other language would be…

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