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Reminder to self: BREATHE.

There’s just so much to say and I don’t know where to begin,

can we just mediate and conclude, SCHOOL KILLS ME.

NO, really, it kills my mood, it kills my happy vibe, it kills my bubble, it kills ME.

However, I got an A* in my English mock AN A FRIKKING STAR, LIKE WHAT A FUCKING GENIUS I AM :’))))))))

Yeah no, the grade boundaries are insane, and like, I didn’t really do that welll, BUT WHO ARE WE KIDDING, THIS IS THE FIRST A STAR OF THIS YEAR,


Yeahhhhhh, I have been eating loadsa nuts recently, I feel like a squirrel,
Aussi, I am now podgy because I have stopped doing sit ups and squats everyday, my ass is not looking good 😥 well it is, obviously, but not as good :’)

Hmmmm, I cried today, after ages, it was more of a stress release, like oh shit I have so much work to do and there’s so little time, let’s cry it out and be fine afterwards,


Oh! I hate when people judge you for not being as ‘pious’ as you seem, I mean, there’s no sign on my forehead telling everyone I’m ‘pious’, I am anything but, seriously, I say that openly.

Also, people who are in my year, 16 years of age, squabbling over PETTY shit, YOU ARE IN YEAR 11, WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT SHIT TO WORRY ABOUT, I WANT TO LEARN, CAN YOU NOT RANDOMLY FIGHT IN CLASS!!!

And breathe.

I am also experimenting with lipstick, I cannot wear the stuff, I end up licking it off or it crumbles, like ew.

So yeah, I need to figure out how to because I look hot as with that colour on my lips, any tips?

I want guys to wear makeup, I mean they don’t have to, like girls don’t have to, but like, if they want to, it shouldn’t be frowned on, I mean, I cover up my dark cirlces and spots, you can too. Why the hell not?

Same with heels, same with dresses, SAME WITH EVERYTHING. Okay, let’s not rant on that.

I’d better get off my increasingly fat ass,

hope you’re all good!








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