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The Girl With The Yellow Scarf

Babygirl what’s you name?

That line is in my head! It has a tune and everything, and I have no clue where it’s from. ANNOYING BRAIN!!!

So today I wore a yellow scarf, and I rocked it, because duh, I am fantabulous, but! I always wonder what people see when they see my yellow scarf, because I obviously stand out from the hijaab-wearing peoples,

Hmmm, what would you do if you saw a girl in a yellow scarf with a scowl on her face, carrying too many bags?

I just described myself as THE cliché year 11 kid, :’)

I got a C in my History mock thingy, bummer because I was getting A’s ;_;

but in English I am rocking it with A*s I just don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s kinda working, kinda not, mostly not :’))))

I am indeed definitely NOT a good role model for students or you young ‘uns DO NOT TAKE HEED, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAKE HEED! I AM FAILING AT THE WHOLE LIFE THING!!!

I have science mocks this week that I obviously haven’t revised for, because let’s face it, who needs science? I mean, I don’t need it, that’s not a bad attitude, it’s just reality, yeah I watch a bunch of sciency documentaries, but I don’t need science academically, TRUTH.

Hmph, I need to go get dressed for mosque, wish me luck I haven’t done my work :/ YET AGAIN :’) I’m sorry, but sleep is WAYYYYY more important than some work, agreed?

Also I broke te no makeup-week thingy, AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY, I just felt like wearing some mascara because like the sun is out and I need my eyes to look amazing, not naked :’)


I’m a walking contradiction, a paradoxical truth, an insane girl!

An insane girl who has to go, wish me luck for life!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderfuller tuesday than I did! ❤



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