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I Don’t Mean To Be Mean


I have been overthinking too much, about EVERYTHING,

see just one little comment from one little bitch, and I overthink ALL the things I did today, ALL the things I said.


Yeah I stopped overthinking now, I’m cool. At least for now.

So tired I could pass out, but I have homework :/ as usual, I will be going on a trip on saturday, hopefully this one will be better than last week’s, hey did i post about that? Oops!

Well last week I went to the coast with some of mes classmates, I didn’t enjoy it much because I got ditched, let’s not get into that,

This week it will be better because a friend I’ve known for 11 years is coming with 🙂 and we are ALWAYS trip buddies,

meepo, I realised how shit I am at coursework, I will get A’s in exams, but coursework? NO

I’ve had to re-do 3 controlled assessments this year, THAT IS SUCH A PISSTAKE BECAUSE I DID LIKE 2 OF THEM LAST YEAR?!?!?!!?

I feel so out of breath, that’s bad right? Hmph,

Oh! That was what I was going to talk about!

Do you ever think you’re not living life fully enough? I’ve felt like this all week and it’s frustrating the heck out of me, I’ve just been listening to Eminem and ATL on a loop trying to figure out how to live a fuller life, I mean I only get to be 16 once,

truth is, I can’t, not until this  school year is over, and seriously that depresses the fuck out of me, but I cannot afford to be reckless at this stage in my life. I cannot.

😦 Imma just have to wait till ALL these goddamned exams are over, till I am freeeeeeeeeee

-_- that’s another 3 months


I need to stop stressing about what will be and need to start thinking about what is.

The present, not the future.








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