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Well….. That Sobered Me Up.

Today I have been feeling love from my teachers, like you know that feeling when your teachers are super proud of you, like I got this feeling from FIVE teachers today, FIVE.

I mean my grades are still erratic in history, I managed to snatch an A on the last assessment after a C, hmph, Idek what I do to get these grades, it just happens :/

So yah, that pride, then in English I wasthinking out loud and RE too, and both teachers had those expressions like “mayn, gonna miss your randomness when you leave”

Maybe I read it that way :’) Let me live in my bubble!

Maynnnn, oh, wait, you’re wondering what sobered me up.

Well firstly, let me just put it out there, I wasn’t drunk to begin with, just high on life, but what has just sobered me up is an email from a teacher telling us in bold red, that we have TWENTY FIVE DAYS till our first geography exam.

Yaaaaaaaah, it’s weird how chill I am about all this, all I stress about is stupid stuff like what to wear, and whether or not I’ve smudged my lipstick, or what colour pen to write with,


I mean my actual first exam is in 2 WEEKS, FOURTEEN DAYS, LIKE WHAT, WHAT?!

We all know time flies, we all know that shit, and yet still I am unscathed by this truth, how?!?!?!?!

It’s kinda good, I have my head screwed on tight, but not too tight. Hmm

Maybe I’m just overthinking all of this, maybe I need sleep…..

Bonne nuit! ❤



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