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Charlie The Astronuat

You know that one friend you have no clue why you’re friends, or how you became friends? This is that friend for me (I have quite a few friends like that but)

Okay so this guy has been kinda like an older bro, a mentor in the blogging world for me, and I kinda thank my mind, and my advancement in creativity to him, we talk about deep shit, we talk about normal shit, but this guy knows how to cheer a girl up! He gives AMAZING advice, like he’s some bhudda re-incarnated or something, he calms me down when I need it, and he’s a cool dude. I call him an astronaut because he’s outta this world XD I am so lame, I now know that.

So why am I writing this?

Well this crazy guy, he’s taking part in an online reality show, sounds weirdly cool. But what is it? Well it’s a reality show. Online.

Basically every day/few days (idk) these people, who love blogging, will post something on a topic, but something personal and basically,


And then you gotta vote, like, that’s what a reality show is right? Idk I don’t watch that crap on TV, turns your brain to mush.

If you want to that is of course. XD

It’s cool, you get insights into what it’s like being a creative adult, what it’s like to grow up O_O You get an inside point of view of what it’s like to be them, it’s legit stepping into their shoes.

Any additional info can be found on the links below, Y’all better be readin’ now! As a favour to Charles. 😉

(CHARLES, if you read this, YOU OWE ME ONE)



3 thoughts on “Charlie The Astronuat

  1. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    I really do owe her one 😉
    You should all read this and head to “” for more information
    Twitter; @thepublicbloggr
    Facebook; thepublicblogger

    (Kendall Persons if you read this, you owe me one) 😉

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  2. Thank you for the phrase “sounds weirdly cool”. I think may be the best way to think of something, that has never happened before. Thank you for your imagination and for sharing within your community. You are appreciated (and so are you Charles). Big Smile. – KP

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