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Mundane But Content

I spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing, and I loved it. Considering my exams start tomorrow, some may say this is reckless, I say this is good for me, mentally, and physically.

I woke up at 6:30am, made a coffee, went into the living room and watched random TV until around 8, I watched teen titans, random bits of news, loads of reruns, I normally hate TV, but this was an exception as all my favourite cartoons were on XD (Yes I’m 16)

Anyways, then I went for a bike ride in a crappy park, visited my aunty for like 5 minutes, went home to make brunch, ate brunch, went to a supermarket, went for a longer bike ride in an awesome park until I felt too tired to stand (I’m such a blob, I have no stamina whatsoever)

I did all this in a hoodie and jeans :’) I rarely ever wear shit like that, and was incredibly self conscious of my hoodie riding up!!! Argh! Nightmare!

Oh! I grazed my knee and cut my finger 😦 owie.

I got home and crashed for an hour, had a loong shower, crashed for another hour, watched a movie and here I am now after dinner with mes parents 2 seconds ago.

This may all sound incredibly mundane, but this is so different for me, I’ve been working every weekend for as long as I can remember (oh god I sound like a middle aged mum), truthfully, this day out with my dad, in some random park, cooking brunch, talking to my parents, chilling with my lil bro, it’s brought back a little peice of me I thought I’d lost ages ago.

Anywho, I’d better get back to doing nothing, priorities.

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends! ❤


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