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I’ve Been Thinking….

Today I had my first ever REAL exam, and I blew it, because like I got bored of writing amazing shit halfway through and started daydreaming, not kidding, I finished both papers though :/

Yeeeeah my attention span is vastly shrinking, ooh look a butterfly…. lol kidding, not that bad, but it soon will be if I don’t do something about it,

Akh! The headaches! The drummer in my head decided to move back in, guess the decor in my head must be too cool, it is incredibly annoying that my head decided to act like I’m dying ON THE FIRST DAY OF EXAMS, like, you could have warned me?! Actually they came back yesterday, :/ But I ignored it hoping it was just a minor one,

I may or may not have to make another doctor’s appointment, if it carries on, because no doc, THIS AIN’T NORMAL FOR A 16 YEAR OLD GIRL,

And breathe………

Hmmm, I feel a little stressed, but not about exams, about life, I have so much to do and it seems life’s just rushing by, I hate it, I hate being stuck at school when I know I could be doing some awesome shit somewhere over the rainbow,

I don’t know why I feel this way. I just do.

A friend, a good friend, told me a while back that I should write a book, a book of my life, and I just looked at her like “are you kidding mate, my life’s as interesting as school’s carpet” But she was serious, she told me my life would get a lot of laughs, and that is true, it’s just one big fat joke played on me by God, ain’t it.

I’m considering doing just that, but not now, I haven’t even done life yet, how can I write about it :’) I wanna do it Maya Angelou style, when I’m old and have nothing to do but reminisce,

I really want jelly and ice cream, but effort ;__; mannnnnn


I need sleep, I have a frenc exam tomorrow people,

Ah wish me Bon Chance! I am shit at french :’)

Anywho, goodniiiiight!





One thought on “I’ve Been Thinking….

  1. I think writing a book is a good idea. I did that too but stopped because I didn’t know how to end it. What you could do is write the book about a character that is based on you and let her do all the things you wish you could do instead of going to school. Maybe that helps you to get over that feeling of being stuck

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